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6 hours


EMDR Therapy has a protocol that allows therapists to support a group of people ranging from as small as 2 to as large as 12 people. 

The EMDR G-TEP protocol has been successful in supporting many people who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. 


The programme will resource people with a variety of tools to help manage the feelings connected to a traumatic event and kick start the healing process.  Each group member works individually on their trauma memory so limited contact with other members can be maintained if needed.  This is a cheaper way of getting the outcome that a person requires to feel like themselves again.

Susan is trained in the protocol which allows her to facilitate an EMDR group programme with one other facilitator. 


Please make contact if you are interested in attending or wanting to know more about the group process.

NEXT Group Programme

Youth Focused EMDR Group

Time:  5.00pm - 7.00p(2 hour sessions)

Date:  TBC

Location:  166 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland

Age Range:  16 - 24 years of age

Cost:  $480 (including gst) or possible discounted options are available

If you are interested please email or make an inquiry, thanks

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